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Gangplans - Tinue feat. Voyager (SVNSET WΛVES Ξxclusive Premiere) →



SVNSET WΛVES is proud to release an exclusive single from Gangplans, the talented duo out of California. The track, Tinue, features the talent of Norwegian producer, Voyager. I can’t think of a better song to start the spring season off with! You can hear the blooming and growth…

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when it come to food…

Neiliyo - Aquinnah

Music: Neiliyo
Video and Colors: Jeremy von Stilb
Illustration: Myhra Mirza
Painting AssistanceL Joseph Aguirre
Associate Producer: Ari Guerrero

Featuring: Chris Apollo Lynn, Ericka Herod, Yara Erazo, Aurora Armada, Andrea Kinnison, Amiel Happy Mercado, Ari Guerrero, Elizabeth Trieu, Aly Barbour, Shelley Howard, John Mark Robbins, and Andrew Liguori.

Special thanks to Tyler Pratt and Maggie Lea.

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"Boredom is an emotion usually associated with a nourished body: like satiety, it is not normally for the starving."

- Anatomy of Boredom 

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